India 2005

Linnea and I were lucky enough to accompany Karen (Linnea's mom) on a work trip to India. We took full advantage of the situation, seeing four different regions and covering more that 2500 miles within India (not to mention the 7200 to get there!).

After the 14 hours of flying to get there, we only really had one full day in Delhi, so we hired a car and driver and saw a bunch of the key sites that day.

Our first stop was Qutab Minar, which is an 800 year old tower built to commemorate a battle victory.

It is surrounded by a few old mosques and other buildings.

There are some other old buildings (and their remains) on the site.

Linnea, reading up on the site to educate us.

The buildings were constructed out of ornately carved stones, covering the entire thing.

There is also a memorial or two on the site.

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