Tramping Across New Zealand 12.22.07 - 1.5.08

Thanks to a typo from United we were on our way to New Zealand for two weeks of wandering and soaking up the sights.

We had a 10 hour layover in San Francisco on the way out so we stopped off downtown for some snacks and to visit a friend.

Then on to a 14 hour flight, with a beautiful sunrise somewhere over the South Pacific.

The first stop was Auckland, where everything was closed on account of the fact that it was Christmas. But they don't close the parks, so we spent some time there.

See it bigger!See it bigger!

The view from the bar of the hotel

See it bigger!See it bigger!

There is also an old cemetery in the middle of Auckland that has some great old tomobstones going back to the mid-1800s.

Some ducklings in the park.

And some pictures from our hotel room balcony at sunrise on Boxing Day

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