Chinese New Year in Hong Kong (2/5 - 11/08)

On a whim I headed to Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year.
First, I had to cross over the USA, with some amazing views of the west

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And a great view on final approach into LAX.

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Flying is awe inspiring, and I think that this picture captures it better than most words I've seen written about the subject.

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I finally made it to Hong Kong on the eve of the New Years celebrations. Wandering around the Causeway Bay section of town I spotted some of the "normal" street life.

Including the ever-present street food.

The next morning I was up early and made it over to the square where they do a flag raising ceremony every morning. Very austere, though that wasn't particularly surprising considering the Chinese culture running the show.

After the flag raising I wandered around for a few hours through some markets, including the avian flu delivery van:

A fishmonger, getting fresh, live deliveries at 9am:

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And the butcher with his early morning customers. He yelled something at me when I was taking pictures that a small payment apparantly soothed over, though I have no idea what he was saying.

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