SCUBA at Ginnie Springs -- 5/16-19/2002

Nothing like a little time underwater to calm the senses.

Originally named Jenny Springs, the area was renamed to Ginnie Springs after people commented that the water was as clear as gin.

Herz gets ready for our first dive of the weekend.

Linnea finally got to do her open-water certification dives so she's now a certified diver too!! Special thanks to Gooch (the guy on the left) for helping us out with the scheduling and planning of the dives. If you're ever in Gainesville, FL looking fo

And I finally got to play with my (oldest) newest toy -- A Nikonos III underwater camera. All of the U/W photos came from it. Pretty impressive considering that its 20+ years old and my first try.

Ginnie has one big basin that is open to non-cave divers. It includes a limestone "ballroom" with incredibly intricate detail in the cavern walls.

The nice thing about it for non-cave divers is that the entrance (and real daylight) is always visible, no matter where you are inside, so you don't feel too confined.

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