St. Lucia Vacation (11/9-16/02)

Having greeted the initial overtures of winter in the North-East, Linnea and I cashed in some USAir and Hilton points to enjoy a week of relaxation and warmth on the lush, tropical island of St. Lucia.

The St. Lucia airport doesn?t have jetways, so deplaning involves using the stairs (I guess the GNV airport isn't that far behind the times).

After clearing immigration and customs, We boarded the helicopter for the transfer to the hotel.

The ride on the helicopter is a great treat, saving about 1.25 hours on the transfer from the airport to the hotel.

Our pilot was very nice, pointing out the sights on the way over.

After a 10 minute flight, we arrived at the Hilton Jalousie Resort and made our way to the room.

Each room at the resort is an individual suite, built into the hillside so that they can not be seen from the water, and many of them can not be seen from the roads on the resort or from the other villas.

Of course, the wonderful folks at Hilton we very happy to have us join them for the week.

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