My New Fridge

Having finally tired of not having enough room for both beer and leftovers, it was time to bet rid of the old fridge and upgrade to a newer model.

The new one has its very own freezer that actually holds a half gallon of ice cream, and still has space for an ice maker.

But first, I had to prepare the hole for putting the fridge in.

The hole wasn't too hard to clear out, but the edges are still not finished.

Hmmmm?the space where the old fridge was looks just right for a dish washer. I wonder if I can make that work.

And finally, the new fridge takes its place in the hole, with the microwave above.

Look at how much space there is in there. So feel free to bring over beer next time you visit. I have room for it now :)

If you are concerned about the old fridge, don't be. It is going to live on in its new life as my beer fridge on the back deck this summer.

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