Seattle, WA (04/2001)

First, as any good tourist would, a visit to Pike's Place Market. Lots of pretty food and men throwing fish around. No good pictures from there, though :(

after that, went to a park behind the market that overlooks the water. Much better view from there.

Saturday morning saw a trip on the Ferry across the sound to Bainbridge Island. Very nice and quaint (reminded me a little of MV).

The view from the ferry on the way over.

The view from someone's backyard. Don't worry; it wasn't really tresspassing since the place was still under construction. (Or does that make it worse???)

Still on the island, found a nice little beach to relax on for a few minutes and enjoy the view of downtown (really small, above the top of the log).

And the panoramic of the skyline from the ferry heading back to Seattle.

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