Venice & the Veneto (8/26 - 9/1/03)

Thanks to a great deal from NW Airlines, Linnea, Dave, Lauren and I were on our way to Venice.

Our first stop was LaGuardia airport for our first of three segments to get to Venice. Of course, since we were at the airport a bit early, we decided to stop by the bar for the first (but nowhere close to the last) drink of the vacation.

Our flight was a bit late getting to Detroit, so we ended up getting rebooked on another flight, in Business class. Sure, we got in a couple hours later, but the flight was much more comfortable.

Our second layover was in Paris's Charles de Gaulle airport. The lounge there was quite nice, and they even had mini-beers for those of us who were awake enough to give it a try.

The new regional terminal is truly a beautiful work of architecture. Too bad we were stuck there on another mis-connect for a few hours.

And finally, we got on our final flight for the trip over (only ~5.5 hours delayed) and headed to the Venice airport.

Dave & Lauren settling in for the flight.

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