Ireland Vacation (2/15-21/05)

Linnea and I embarked on another vacation, this time to the Emerald Isle to roam the countryside.

Getting ready for the over-night flight over, I changed in to my pajamas and got on board.

After a bump and reroute through Paris, Linnea and I spent a few hours wandering around Dublin on our first day in town.

The Ha' Penny bridge over the river Liffey (named for its previous toll for passage).

And the Customs House in Dublin, right on the river front.

It really is a magnificent building and they light it up every night.

The detail in the architecture is very cool.

After a much needed good night's sleep in the Westin Dublin (I highly recommend it, both based on location and the comfort of the beds), Linnea and I headed out into the countryside.

Apparently a fair amount of Irish archeological structures were not built for any good reason. They call them Follies, since they were built completely on whim.

These are a few of the follies built on the grounds of the Belvedere house. The gazebo above was used for picnics in the summer. Below, a wall/facade leading nowhere.

An old, cool looking tree on the grounds.

Back in the 18th century they built an ice pit on the property to store ice for the summer. As you can see, they were much shorter back then.

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