Alder Chips & Dip Serving Tray


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This serving tray begins as a slab of wood and over a dozen or so steps the shape and beauty begin to emerge. Templates help, but the final touches come by hand, making each a unique piece.

The round cavity is sized to hold a ramekin (one is included; let me know if you want more and we can work something out) for dips or sauces. The other side can hold veggies, chips, bread, or just about anything else.

The wood is sealed with Odie’s Oxi Oil, a food-safe wax and oil blend. It protects the wood and shows off the grain beautifully, It also is designed to darken over time, making each piece that much more unique.

Overall dimensions are approximately 14″ long, 8″ wide and 2″ tall, with the cavity about 1.5″ deep, matching the height of the ramekin. The ramekin space is 4″ diameter.

It is also available in black walnut.


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