Wine Bottle Coasters: Pick your pattern


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I had no idea what I was doing when I started making these. It’s true. I had some funky wood, a new router bit, and a new band saw. I needed to practice using them. Lo and behold, something beautiful emerged. Only later did I even bother to think about what it could be used for and start to make more of them.

And so now I have these gorgeous wine coasters to share.

They are available in five different wood grains to match your style. All are finished with a blend of food-safe mineral oil and wax to protect the wood and also show off the gorgeous grain.

Zebrawood – SOLD OUT

Maple – SOLD OUT


Black Locust – SOLD OUT

Mahogany – SOLD OUT

All of the wine bottle coasters are 5″ diameter, with the interior just over 4″. That should be enough to hold most regular bottles, though not Champagne (it should remain chilled anyways!) nor magnums.  The mahogany option is taller than the others, with a deeper cavity.


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